The ZOD Engine


Z, the classic real time strategy game, is back


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The ZOD Engine is an open source remake of the classic Z from the Bitmap Brothers which, in spite of not having the campaign's single player missions, allows you to play over the internet against other players in different scenarios and even enjoy a game against bots.

To start a match you just have to configure the launcher by filling in all the fields (your color, the map you want to play in, the number of opponents, your name, etc.) and, once you're ready, you just launch the game.

The name of the maps at your disposal can be found in the text file located in the game’s installation folder. Plus, together with the download you’ll find a levels editor that lets you create your own levels to play against the AI or against your friends.

The ZOD Engine has the same graphics as the classic Z, only with a higher resolution. So, it basically has great graphics with a clear attention o detail (snakes slithering through the ground, eagles flying, etc.)
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